Solar Innova has developed a solution consisting of Photovoltaic Parking structure where an installation of photovoltaics guarantees on-site energy generation.


The design is based on a parking module for two cars with integrated photovoltaic on the cover 8º inclined with respect to horizontal, with variable azimuthal orientation relative to the depending on the specific needs of the field where it is located.


The aesthetic sense of this solution seeks maximum possible energy production and maximum protection from adverse conditions, such as rain, snow or wind weather.


The cover has a minimum slope, able to smoothly evacuate rainwater or snow and that also is versatile in any orientation.


  • 12c-1x-90p-4
  • 2c-1x-15p-4
  • 4c-1x-30p-4
  • 4c-2x-30p-4
  • 8c-2x-60p-4


  • 001
  • 002
  • 003







Technical Data Sheets

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